I'm a terrible blog mother

Hey cake virgins!

I apologize profusely. I have been a terrible blog mother. I have not posted in ages, and frankly, I have missed it. Thankfully though, cake virgins, I officially finish college (done in three years, props to me) on Thursday and will be moving home. So, I will be officially back blogging in September. I have fantastic news for all of you, having to do with something in one of my previous posts. I have so much to tell you, but alas, homework is calling me. The last bit of homework that I will ever do in my life.

Oh, and just to satisfy your urge for looking at beautiful cakes and the fantastic things they can be, I'll be making this cake soon for my niece's 2nd birthday at the end of November. Sneak peak for you!

Until next time cake virgins!