Stealing your cake v-card one post at a time

Hello everyone and welcome to the Cake Virgin!

You're probably sitting there wondering why I plan on taking your cake v-card.

Well let's face it, most of us watch those fancy cake shows on Food Network and wish we could be as awesome as they are. They can make a seven foot Sock Monkey holding sparklers with smoke coming out of his head. They can make the best Disney villain cake I have ever seen.

I don't pretend to be as good as them, and I don't plan on being as good as them. Most of the professionals I know have gone to culinary school and have perfected the art. I, have not. I am attending a journalism school studying writing, probably one of the farthest things away from cake decorating (except maybe math). I just want to be able to make some nice birthday and special occasion cakes for friends and family.

Through this blog, I will show the basics of cake decorating. Everything from delicious cake recipes to simple and easy techniques to make those cakes special and unique. I won't bog you down with technical terms or give you anything that the materials will cost you hundreds of dollars.

All I ask is that you stick with me, through fondant and buttercream, and try out some of the techniques and ideas. Soon enough, you'll be good cake decorators, impressing all your family and friends. They will see your cake and say "Oh my Jane, you're cake is blowing up my mind. How did you do that?" So if you want to blow the minds of your friends with your mad cake decorating skills, subscribe to my RSS feed and get cookin'!

Trust me....your cake will be better looking than this hot mess.


Mak said...

I love watching the Food Network and Ace of Cakes. I am always so jealous of their decorating skills. I look forward to picking up some decorating skills.

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