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Hey cake virgins!

I have a confession. I am obsessed with wedding cakes. I watch Wedding Sundays on WeTV, I watch cake challenges on Food Network...the list goes on and on. I feel bad for my boyfriend, Chris, because I make the poor man watch more cake shows than he probably ever wanted to see. Thankfully, he's very understanding about this and watches them with me with no complaints. I've decided that lately, my obsession with cakes is growing, and I could not pass up the opportunity to discuss wedding cakes.

These towering beauties come in all shapes and sizes, and usually reflect the couple best at the wedding. From simple three tier cakes to towering 13 tiers (yes, they've actually made cakes that tall....I'd say just get two cakes and save the baker the trouble.) wedding cakes are a tradition that won't fade. Though they may no longer have to obtain to the traditional wedding cake, white with flowers and a monogram if you will, they have grown into something fantastic. I've selected a few of my favorite cakes off of Pink Cake Box, my new obsession. Since the cake is an important part of your wedding, let's discuss some of the fundamentals of picking your wedding cake.

Pink Cake Box CakeWhat I love about this cake is not only the topsy turvy look of it, but I also love the purple. Purple is my favorite color, and these calla lillies are stunning in that shade. Topsy turvy cakes are for more fun and fancy free weddings and not for all brides. If you are going to have a more relaxed wedding and you and your husband like to have a good time, maybe look into a cake like this.

Wedding cakes are meant to be an expression of yourself, so don't limit yourself to even tiers with gum paste roses. Feel free to use this as a canvas for you and the lucky man that gets to marry you. Show who you are and don't be afraid to be bold! The most memorable cakes are the ones that remind guests of the bride and groom.

When choosing a wedding cake, don't forget that quality will be worth the money. You want to impress your guests with how beautiful the cake is and how well it resembles you, not because it was poorly made.

Ivory Wedding CakeIf you like classic cakes, it's perfectly fine! The Knot, a wedding site for new brides (and an excellent place to get a feeling for everything wedding) talked recently about how there are some great new trends in classic wedding cakes. Tiers can be wider or taller, even square. If you like a classic looking cake, you can always spice it up with these ideas.

Sometimes the most simple cakes can be the most beautiful. If you like simplicity, go with the simple cake. There was a beautiful cake recently on "Amazing Wedding Cakes" on WeTV, which was a simple cake, terra cotta colored, with a single white magnolia on the side of the cake, similar to this picture. It was simple, classic and beautiful, but still had the flavor of the bride and groom with the red-orange color of the fondant. The magnolia flower was white and made of gum paste, but looked as though it was a real flower. Explore the different possibilities with simple, classic cakes.

Pink Cake Box Cake With weddings may come grooms cakes. More of tradition in the South, grooms cakes are usually a contrasting flavor of the brides cake and much smaller than the brides cake.

These cakes represent the groom, since most weddings are overtaken with feminine details and flowers galore. Let's face it ladies, what the man wants usually isn't a big deal. After all, we've been planning our weddings since we found out about them. So let's give something to the men that sacrifice their dignity for one day to give us the day of our dreams. Give him a grooms cake to show him, "Hey, I know I've been a bit of a bridezilla and this wedding reception is all about love and not sports, so I decided to get you this Nintendo cake to show you how much I love you!" 

So when it comes to the wedding cake virgins, remember the following:
  • Don't forget: The cake is an expression of you! You don't need to be traditional unless you want to.
  • Classic cakes are still beautiful, but don't forget to infuse them with a little bit of your personality, even if you just change the color of the gum paste flowers or the fondant, or you make the tiers a different shape or size.
  • Remember the man you are marrying.....after all, without him, you wouldn't be picking out a wedding cake to begin with.
Keep these things in mind and you are sure to have a stunning and beautiful cake that represents you and that man of yours.

Until next time cake virgins!


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