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Hey cake virgins!

Okay, well the quarter is officially at a close and all that awaits is walking at graduation this Saturday! I can finally get back to blogging a bit more! Sorry for my absence, but this week has been a bit chaotic.

So, upon my procrastination in studying for finals, I stumbled upon a little gem of a magazine, Cake Central. This magazine runs a bit expensive ($60/10 issues) and currently isn't sold as single issues in Ohio. If I want to get the magazine, I have to order it from their website or amazon.com.

According to the website, Cake Central Magazine is "ideal for anyone who bakes, makes cakes, aspires to make cakes, watches cake decorating shows, or has an interest in beautiful food." Basically, us cake virgins. The website goes on to say that the magazine will feature the following:
  • high quality cake pictures
  • up-and-coming and celebrity cake decorators
  • recipes
  • tutorials
  • product reviews
  • and more for the novice
  • and the professional cake decorator

Needless to say, I want this magazine terribly. I mean, look at the July issue cover, courtesy of Cake Central!

First off, the cake itself is stunning. I've seen cake decorators try and imitate the tattoo world, especially traditional tattoos such as the koi featured on the cake, and fail miserably. This cake decorator has somehow taken the traditional koi fish and actually made it into a beautiful cake. Not only is the artwork very similar to the ink you would have permanently on your body, but the cake itself feels like it belongs with the tattoo world! But I digress...

If it wasn't for the exuberant high cost of this magazine and my lack of funds (College really milks you for every penny...) I'd already have a subscription.

My one concern with this magazine is the content. The website isn't necessarily the most beautiful and easy to navigate site I have ever seen. With a cover that looks like this, you would think the website would be extraordinary. However, maybe what Cake Central lacks in website design abilities they make up for in beautiful magazine layouts.

Either way, if you can get your cake and icing covered hands on an issue, I would highly recommend checking it out. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the magazine! You can find a list of locations that sell single issues here.

Hey, I'm graduating soon! hint hint wink wink Cake Central Magazine.

Until next time cake virgins!


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